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Proofreading: What is it?

Traditional proofreading consists of checking typeset copy word for word against an original manuscript and marking discrepancies and errors. Proofreading for errors without reference to an original manuscript is known as "blind" proofreading.

Often proofreading consists of a need for copyediting as well.

Why is proofreading important?

"To err is human," we all know from personal experience as well as from Alexander Pope, writing in the 18th century. To which we respond as an editor: To proofread is essential. For sometimes the "imp of the perverse" (Edgar Allan Poe again!) insists on finding his way into typeset text and only a perfectionist with an eagle eye (required of professional proofreaders) can catch those mistakes that like to hide in plain sight.

Proofreading services: What we can do.



Proofreading guidelines